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Park Rules

Below are the general park rules; however, some events may have different restrictions.

Please check our calendar for information about specific events. If you have specific questions, please contact us!

park info


  • To visit the park during the hours posted (7:00am - 11:00pm).
  • To use open areas, including the lawn, during open park hours unless a space is reserved for a private event.
  • To enjoy the gardens without entering flowerbeds or picking flowers.
  • To use a park chair or one seat on a bench designed for sharing.
  • To clean up after yourself by depositing waste in the trash receptacles.
  • To bring your pet, providing that you leash it, clean up after it, and supervise it at all times.


  • Weapons of any kind, with the exception of law enforcement officers and subject to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2923.*
  • Illegal activities, destroying or defacing park property, wearing cleats, picking flowers, metal detectors, fireworks, sleeping, panhandling, skateboarding, feeding pigeons, fires, wading, swimming, camping, littering, golf, gambling, and remote-control or motorized toys or vehicles, including aerial drones.
  • Sitting, standing, jumping or climbing on balustrades, fencing, planters, plinths, and any other park structure not designed for such uses.
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes.
  • Rummaging in trash receptacles.
  • Storage of personal belongings; unattended belongings will be discarded.
  • Obstructing park entrances.
  • Use of plastic tarps on the lawn.
  • Harassing or disturbing other park visitors.
  • Unaccompanied children; children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Coolers.


  •  Tents or temporary structures, performances, vendors or commercial activity, amplified music, alcohol use, posting of signs, motorized vehicles, events, organized sporting events, rallies, and professional/commercial photo shoots.

* Capitol South has received inquiries regarding its prohibition of firearms in Columbus Commons. Capitol South is a private entity, and therefore it has the right under Ohio’s concealed-carry statute to prohibit firearms on its property. (Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.126(C)(3)(a)).

All bags are subject to search. 

Capitol South strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors to Columbus Commons. To further those objectives, Capitol South has security personnel at the park during hours the park is open to the public.

Columbus Commons staff and the media frequently take photos/videos of visitors, which may be used by Columbus Commons and/or its designees in future promotional materials in any media (such as websites, brochures, flyers, blogs, and social media sites). If you are photographed, the photo may be used without your prior consent and without compensation. If you do not want your image used, please avoid the photographer or inform them that you do not wish to be photographed.

A permit and rental fee are required for any commercial or professional photoshoots, or any photoshoot involving extensive photography equipment.

For more information about Ohio’s concealed carry statute, please visit their website.


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