About Us

You may know us as that beautiful green space in downtown Columbus. Or that place with great office and apartment views. Or that park to take a date or the family for some outdoor fun. You’d be right, of course. We are all those things. 

But we’re not just a park. 

We’re a presence, a force, and a symbol of unity, togetherness, and community. A place where all are truly welcomed with mutual respect and acceptance. 

When you visit the Commons, you’ll see it. 
When you talk about the Commons, you’ll feel it. 
When you experience the Commons, you’ll know it. 

Set within the scenic Downtown skyline, Columbus Commons is more than just a six-acre park. It is a gathering space for Central Ohio, a back yard for Downtown residents, and an attraction for people of all ages. With over 200 free events each year, there is something for everyone. 

The 2011 debut of the Columbus Commons launched the beginning of a new era in Downtown Columbus, sparking the development of the River South neighborhood of Downtown Columbus that catalyzed almost $400 million in private development.

Under the direction of Downtown Columbus Inc., Columbus Commons has developed into an award-winning event venue and public green space.

At Columbus Commons, we believe that everyone should feel like they belong. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities can come together to enjoy what the park has to offer. Whether you are stopping by for a leisurely stroll, a picnic with friends, one of our many free events, or grabbing a bite to eat at a food truck, we want you to feel at home. We are committed to fostering a sense of community and belonging for all who visit and work with us, and we welcome and value your unique perspectives and contributions. Columbus Commons is our park, together. 

Staff Members

Ashley Myers

Director of Columbus Commons

Ashley VanDyke

Columbus Commons Event Manager

Jacob Rutan

Columbus Commons Event Operations Coordinator

Justin Reed

Columbus Commons Facilities Operations Coordinator

Kacey Browning

Columbus Commons General Manager

Kylie Kroger

Columbus Commons Event Assistant

Emily Jeu

Director of Production at CAPA


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Columbus, OH
Entrances off of Rich & Main
AND 191 S Third St


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