Art in the Park

Artwork from Central Ohio artists on our outdoor LED screens

We are proud to announce a new digital Art in the Park installation to display artwork from Central Ohio artists on our outdoor LED screens. Thanks to the Greater Columbus Arts Council, seven pieces of art from talented local artists kicked off the project earlier this summer, and the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation sponsored a call for artwork submissions to continue featuring artwork from our talented community. The goal if this project is to integrate art into the everyday experience of Columbus Commons. 

The artwork below will be rotating on our outdoor LED screens on a specific schedule Monday, October 5 through Sunday, November 1, 2020. The screens are on during park hours from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Abeer Aboshihata

Adrian Sibley
"Children of Contrete and Steel"

April Sunami
"Soar Mixed Media"

Austin Wallace Jr.
"As We Walk into the Sun"

Brian A. Jones
"Circulos Colorados"

Danielle Kohan 
"High Voltage"

Desiree Johnson
"The Bearded Woman"

G. Ryan Hudson
"Watching with Gittering Eyes the Whole World Around You" 

Gaynelle W. Sloman
"Cycle of Life"

Hannah Conley
"Sunset in Bloom"

James Clark
"Moonlit Dark at Midnight"

Jodie Arrick

Joe Dixon
"After the Circus"

Joleanna Designs
"Spring Reflections"

Jorge Vales
"Starry Columbus"

Joy Ritchie

Kenya Davis
"Uncle Al's Blues"

Mike Fields
"The Champions"

Paul Jannot
"Jerry Garcia"

Susan Knorr
"City Clouds"

Travis Williams

Ty Carroll
"Outrage Introspective"


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