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Photography & Video

Thank you for your interest in having you wedding, engagement, graduation, professional family photos or videos shot at the Columbus Commons. The Columbus Commons is a beautiful backdrop for your memories and commercial shoots.

An application is required for all photo & video shoots that would like exclusive access to elements of the park (i.e. the carousel). 


Your Information

Phone Number:
Date of Shoot:
Company or Agency:
Length of Shoot:
Start Time:
End Time:

Purpose or Description

All video shoots must supply a copy of the final copy of the video to the Columbus Commons for potential use in promotion of the Columbus Commons.

Publicity Potential for the Columbus Commons:
How Will Photos/Videos be Used?:
Type of Shoot (editorial, commercial, stock, wedding etc.):
Size of the Crew:
Amount of Equipment & Complexity of Setup Used::
Locations Within the Park Requested:

Carousel Rental

Rental of the carousel is $50 for every 30 minutes. Please note we require a 30 minute minimum rental for $50. 

Would you like to rent the Columbus Commons Carousel?: Yes