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Columbus Commons Blog

Food Truck Feature: Giant Eagle Market District Foodie Truck

Giant Eagle’s Market District is pretty much the Columbus home for a cornucopia of artisanal eats.  They’ve put wheels on all that gourmet goodness, and we’ve got the Market District’s food truck right here at the Columbus Commons.

We like the Spice Rubbed Beef Brisket: it’s layer-after-layer of slow-roasted, succulent beef piled high on a soft Italian roll.  The brisket is perfect in its pure state, but you can gild the lily with the summery flavors of the house barbecue sauce.

For the veg-heads, the truck also offers a grilled vegetable sandwich that is packed with zucchini, peppers and onions.  Or you can just load up on the house sides: mac and cheese and truck-dusted fries.