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Columbus Commons Blog

Best Coffee Near Columbus Commons

Did you know that some of downtown’s best coffee joints are within a stone’s throw of Columbus Commons?

When the weather gets chilly, a steaming cup of coffee can be the only pick me up. However, a lot of the go-to coffee spots in our neighborhood also offer specialty teas, awesome lunch options and mouth-watering baked goods. Take a look at our favorites!

1. Capitol Cup
Location: 65 E. State Street
Hours: M-F 7 am-4:30 pm

Located in the Capitol Square Office building, Capitol Cup’s location has a perfect view of the park and plenty of room to spread out, making it an ideal space if you are trying to hunker down and work.

This mom and pop shop serves Crimson Cup coffee, teas, frozen drinks and fruit smoothies in addition to fast lunch and breakfast options. On top of their regular menu of drinks, including Vanilla, Mocha, White Mocha and Chi Lattes, they also have special drinks that change weekly to keep you on your toes.

Must Try Item: Capitol Cup Mocha

2. Cup O Joe MoJo Lounge
Location: 149 S High St. 
Hours: M-W 7 am – 4 pm, Thurs-Fri 7 am – 9 pm

Cup O Joe and Columbus Commons go together like sweet potato fries and garlic aioli dip; it’s an unbeatable pairing.

Daily they offer a light, dark, flavored and decaf coffee, all of which are the best in their class and perfectly roasted. On the espresso side they offer tried and true favorites like the Mocha Joe, Almond Joy and Milky Way. 

If you’re looking for a bite of breakfast or a new go-to lunch spot, Cup O Joe also offers top-tier culinary dishes created in a made from scratch kitchen. They even have a “Commons Burger” on the menu, which we think is pretty cool.

A fun twist on the traditional coffee house concept, the MoJo lounge stays open late (until 8 pm) on Thursday and Fridays for happy hour. Plus in the summer you can sit out on the patio and people watch or perhaps enjoy a pre-kickball libation.

Must Try Item: Buckeye Latte

3. Hemingway's
Location: 175 S. Third St. 
Hours: M-F 7 am – 4 pm & Saturdays 8 am – 1 pm

A piece of Paris tucked into 175 on the Park, Hemmingway’s Coffee Nook is a perfect place for a mid-day coffee escape. The menu touts tons of creative drinks with fun names like Ode to Paris and Joyce’s Java. There are also plenty of options for non-coffee drinkers too like the Gertrude Stein’s steamer (White chocolate, raspberry and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and a white chocolate swirl) or a hot chocolate with flavors of your choosing.

If you are looking for Speedy Gonzales service, you can text or call ahead with your order and ETA, and they will bring your order right to your car. If you’re not in a rush, get your beverage in a mug and settle into the 1920’s era French furniture or enjoy the view of the Commons from the patio.

Must Try Item: Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

4. One Line Coffee
Location: 41 s. High Street
Hours: M-F 7 am - 5 pm

Nestled right inside the Huntington Center, One Line is part of a new generation of artisan coffee shops and is the perfect spot for coffee enthusiasts. They feature several batch-brewed coffees each day, but they pride themselves in offering premier pour-over options.

If you like the beauty and caffeine kick of espresso beverages, then try their latte or cappuccino and watch as the baristas turn your drink into a work of art right in front of your eyes. Of course they have a handful of local baked good options including treats from PattyCake Bakery, Destination Donuts and more.

Must Try Item: Honey Latte

5. Red Velvet Cafe
Location: 246 S Fourth St. 
Hours: Mon 8am–3pm, Tu-Thurs 8am–9pm, Fri 8am –10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am –9pm

The Red Velvet Café combines the best elements of a traditional coffee house, artisan cupcakery and Filipino café. An odd mix, we know, but the unique blend is delightfully surprising. Their drink list includes unexpected items with an international flair like the Cubano con Leche, Vietnamese Coffee and Matcha latte. Plus, they are one of the few places in downtown Columbus where you can find bubble teas in all your favorite flavors.

For lunch they have a selection of Filipino style Paninis (that can also be ordered as salads) with yummy options like chicken adobo, maple pineapple ham, pulled pork and cheesesteak, all served on ciabatta bread. Before you hit the road, make sure you get one of their crazy good cupcakes made fresh each morning!

Must Try Item: Masala Chi Tea

Craving coffee now? Bundle up and start exploring! A walk through the park sipping on a hot beverage is bound to warm you up. Tag us as you stroll using  #columbuscommons.