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Columbus Commons Blog

Jeremy Thomas and Functional Foliage

Meet Jeremy Thomas. He works for Franklin Park Conservatory, the famed institution contracted by Columbus Commons to design and maintain the 12 garden beds that line the central interior pathways through Columbus Commons and the four small beds by the carousel. For the past year, Jeremy’s been responsible for maintaining these gardens, and we wanted to shed some light on how he does it.

Columbus Commons has supported Franklin Park Conservatory’s efforts to choose plants for the garden beds that are functional and beneficial to the environment. The plants are pollinator friendly, which means that butterflies and bees are attracted to them. The plants have allowed animals and insects the chance to thrive in the center of the city, where otherwise they wouldn’t have. There’s even a mini butterfly biome developing right in the garden beds! The plants are also native to the area, which means that they aren’t introducing any foreign species to the Commons.

When asked to describe his job, Jeremy listed the tasks he completes on a daily basis which include: doing a sweep of the area for any trash or damage, water checks on the irrigation system, weeding, planting replacements (as needed), pruning, fertilizing, mulching, replenishing gravel, and completing any specific tasks requested for that day.

It is very clear that Jeremy loves his job, and when asked what his favorite aspect of working at the Commons is, he narrowed down his list down to three items. First and foremost, he loves being outdoors. He also appreciates the physical aspect of his job and that he gets to work with his hands. Jeremy also really enjoys interacting with visitors to Columbus Commons.

Ultimately, though, what Jeremy likes most about the Commons is the economic and environmental impact it has on the city of Columbus. The free events that Columbus Commons offers benefit the community and the space benefits the environment. By coming together at the Commons, Columbus is thriving.

We are proud to have such a great partner in the Franklin Park Conservatory helping to make Columbus Commons such a beautiful place to visit.


Interested in helping keep the Commons beautiful? The Franklin Park Conservatory utilizes individual volunteers and volunteer groups. If you would like to volunteer at the Columbus Commons gardens maintained by Franklin Park Conservatory, email Tracey Barnes, Volunteer Coordinator, at tbarnes@fpconservatory.org.