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Columbus Commons Blog

Cirque du Soleil Street Team Takes On Columbus Commons

Not to be missed this month at the Commons is the Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Street Team at the Family Funday on Saturday, August 31st from 1pm to 5pm. TOTEM, one of Cirque’s newest shows, follows the theories of evolution associated with various cultures over the ages, features fantastic costumes and magnificent acrobats and performers. It is set to open at the Ohio State Expo Center in the Big Top Tent on Thursday, August 22nd.

Almost as awe-inspiring as any Cirque du Soleil show is the Big Top Tent in which many of them take place! The tent seats approximately 2,600 people and measures 66 feet high, with a diameter of 167 feet. The Big Top Tent takes only two hours and a couple hundred people to erect. But a Cirque show does not just take place in the Big Top Tent, Cirque actually travels with a whole host of smaller tents and trailers that take eight days to set up, but only three days to deconstruct. The Cirque village is completely self-sustaining, with a kitchen, a school, a box office, and much more!

Unlike some Cirque du Soleil shows that are geared toward a more adult audience, TOTEM is very family friendly. So, Cirque’s partnership with Columbus Commons at Family Funday could not be better! The TOTEM Street Team consists of a caveman, a frog, a lily pad girl, and a big top tent character.

At Family Funday on August 31, the TOTEM Street Team will be doing face painting similar to what you might see on cast members in the show, and they will also handing out frog masks. Amphibians are prominently featured in TOTEM and the frog is one of the central characters. With all of this, be sure to come on down to the Commons on August 31st to meet the TOTEM Street Team, bounce on inflatables, and so much more!