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Columbus Commons Blog

One Man Who Has Seen It All!

Keith Frazier, Columbus Commons Operations Manager, is truly a Columbus Commons Character. Keith has worked at or within a block of the Columbus Commons site since the late 1980s. He was here when City Center Mall was built, when it was demolished, when Columbus Commons opened, when the Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion was built, and he’s here for just about every event you’ll see at the Commons. If there’s one block in Central Ohio Keith knows better than any other, it’s the city block just south of the Ohio Statehouse.

Before joining the Columbus Commons team, Keith worked for Valor Security in various capacities and in several facilities over the years. He started out in the Capitol Square office building, now the Hertz building, and then moved to the Hyatt, which is now the Sheraton Hotel on the northeast corner of High and Third Streets. Keith then jumped to City Center Mall, adjacent to the Sheraton. Even before the mall opened on August 18, 1989, Keith was there, watching as store after store was built out.

By 2009, City Center Mall was almost entirely vacant. Keith was the Director of Security for the mall at that point and he was working closely with  Capitol South Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation, the nonprofit organization that developed and now run Columbus Commons, on liquidating the mall and readying it for demolition. He realized this was an organization he wanted to keep working with because of their commitment to the community and Downtown redevelopment. When City Center Mall closed completely, Keith transitioned to the post of Director of Security for Capitol South.

From this post, Keith was able to work with many of the folks he’d worked with before at CDDC/Capitol South and interact with many of the same office workers he’d known throughout his time at City Center Mall. He relished this opportunity to stay involved with the community Downtown. Soon, construction on Columbus Commons was completed and his role transformed into overseeing security for the park, in addition to the Lazarus Building and the Columbus Commons parking garages.

In 2012, Keith became the Columbus Commons Operations Manager. His goal is to promote Downtown and to make visiting Columbus Commons a premier experience. To say he takes great pride in ensuring Columbus Commons is as pleasant, clean, and safe as possible is selling his enthusiasm for and commitment to the user experience short. One of Keith’s driving goals is to have visitors enjoy their experience at the Commons so much that they tell their family and friends about it and return again and again.

And it’s not just Keith that enjoys the Commons – his whole family does, too! With four children ranging in age from 8 to 21, Keith is a big proponent of the family-friendly programming offered at the Commons. Commons for Kids and Movie Nights are particularly popular in the Frazier household, and his son is a huge fan of the NEOS Electronic Playground. Needless to say, Keith lends a degree of history, passion, and enthusiasm to the Columbus Commons team unlike any other!