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Columbus Commons Blog

Story Time, Anyone?!

One might think a large green space like the Commons and a vast library system like the Columbus Metropolitan Library would make for an unlikely marriage – but the partnership between the Commons and the Library has proven wildly successful over the past three years. The Library not only sponsors the free wireless internet access throughout the Commons, but also a weekly story time and visit by the bookmobile during Fridays’ Commons for Kids. Sometimes story time even involves a puppet show!

The Library’s commitment to the Commons springs from its mission to foster a thriving community where wisdom prevails. One way the Library helps ensure that wisdom prevails in our community is by sponsoring free wireless internet access at the Commons. Did you know that 43% of Columbus residents lack internet access in the home? By sponsoring wireless at the Commons, the Library is able to provide more electronic resources to more people while helping to overcome the lack of internet access in homes throughout Columbus.

And if you thought story time at the Commons was all about entertaining and teaching young children, and exposing them to great books, you’ve only guessed half the answer. The Library is committed to encouraging parents to be their child’s first teacher. Demonstrating how engaging and special a great story time can be is an important part of the Library’s role in the community – something they’ve been doing routinely throughout the day, every day, at all 21 of its locations for decades. But bringing this experience to the Commons adds another dimension to any story time. What could be better than engaging with families over a great book, outdoors, under the big blue sky?

In addition to the great services that the Library provides at the Commons, they also support the Columbus Commons Reading Room, which is sponsored by Highlights and the Friends of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and provides books for children and adults to read and enjoy outdoors at the Commons seven days a week throughout the late spring and summer. The Library encourages parents and children to take advantage of the resources in the Reading Room and often hears from patrons in their branches that they’ve utilized the Columbus Commons Reading Room. The Library hopes that the enthusiasm and excitement that comes along with enjoying great books in the great outdoors will encourage other outdoor reading opportunities, be it at the Commons, on the lawns of libraries throughout Central Ohio, or in other parks.

Ultimately, the Columbus Metropolitan Library doesn’t just share stories, it shares resources and an excitement about learning that is contagious!


Don’t miss the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s weekly story time and bookmobile visit during Commons for Kids, Fridays through August 30, from 10am to 2pm.