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Columbus Commons Blog

A Gentle Giant Roams Columbus Commons

If you frequently visit the Commons, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of Edison, a 230 pound mastiff, sauntering through the park with his owners, Karen and Louis Stabile. Edison takes three walks daily and, as it turns out, his breed is visually stimulated, meaning Edison can get a workout just from admiring the world around him. So not only are Edison’s strolls through the Commons a thrill for the average passerby, but they’re a great way for him to expend some energy.

Edison has become so popular at the Commons that if he misses a day at the park, people working in the office building that overlooks Columbus Commons – 175 on the Park – will stop Karen and Louis the next time they bring Edison to the park and say how worried they were that Edison missed his daily appearance. Not wanting to worry anyone, the Stabiles also make it a point to bring Edison by the security and volunteer posts at the entrances to Picnic with the Pops to delight his loyal fans.

For those of you who have been reading patiently while thinking, how can a 230 pound dog be as popular as his is, it’s safe to say that Edison’s size belies his friendly and gentle demeanor. And at just four years old this month, he’s expected to grow to about 245 pounds, meaning there will be more of him to love! The Stabiles like to joke that no one recognizes them on their morning walks without Edison, but the second they have their enigmatic pup in tow, park patrons and Downtown office workers alike approach them as if they are old friends.

It’s just that feeling of familiarity and warmth that the Stabiles hope to impart on Central Ohio natives and out-of-town visitors every time they bring Edison to the Commons. They see themselves and Edison, especially, as ambassadors for Downtown, sharing with visitors the joyful attitude that initially attracted them to live in the area. After all, the Stabiles didn’t always live Downtown. About seven years ago they made the leap from Powell to a condo Downtown with views of the Commons. From his perch high up in the Stabiles’ condo, Edison keeps tabs on what’s going on at Columbus Commons and often makes his desire to head to the park known by resting his head on the window sill.

For his daily workouts at Columbus Commons, Edison most enjoys watching kids scamper around and, during the holiday season, he revels in the twinkling lights that adorn the park. And it may come as a surprise that despite his size, Edison’s great with kids. He even has his own tiny tykes to escort to the park – Karen and Louis’ two granddaughters, who especially love to ride the carousel.

Another one of Edison’s wonderful traits exemplifies just how much he loves being around humans. It’s a little move the Stabiles refer to as “the mastiff lean.” If you’re sitting still, Edison will sidle up next to you and start to lean on you, ever so slightly. It’s as if the gentle giant doesn’t realize he’s twice your size. And because he’s just not charming enough, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Edison, be sure to shake his paw – you may just say hear him say, “Welcome to the Commons!”