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Columbus Commons Blog

A New Year, A New Location

In just two short weeks, Mikey’s Late Night Slice will celebrate its fourth anniversary since opening on July 4, 2009. The company, started by Mikey Sorboro, has grown from humble beginning in a 140 square foot concession stand in the Short North to having two LNS PizzAssault Trucks (food trucks) and six physical locations. Less than a year ago, with only two trucks and four locations, the Mikey’s team thought they were in a good spot to perfect their craft, fine tune their operations, and focus inwardly for a while. But then a fantastic opportunity presented itself – a permanent café at Columbus Commons. 

Mikey Sorboro explains pursuing the café location at Columbus Commons as a good prospect not only because of the Downtown lunch crowd, but also because the area is becoming increasingly popular and this was his opportunity to capture that momentum. And with good reason! Since opening in April, Mikey’s Late Night Slice Commons Café has become the company’s second biggest revenue generator. As Mikey puts it, “It’s bigger than we ever thought.”

And given this rapid growth, there are sure to be a few growing pains. One thing the Mikey’s team didn’t expect was how popular their expanded menu of sandwiches and breakfast items at the Commons Café would be. The crew working the Café has had to be very honest with patrons, explaining that the sandwiches take longer than pizzas and during larger events at the Commons, Mikey’s has chosen to offer a smaller menu – highlighting their signature pizzas.

Now that the Mikey’s Late Night Slice brand has grown so much, so quickly, Mikey is determined to spend some time looking inwardly at how the company operates and how he can best support his managers and staff. But don’t think that means the fun is gone – Mikey’s Late Night Slice has joined the Columbus Commons Wednesday Night Kickball League and in just three short weeks they’ve climbed the ranks to number one!

Beyond kickball, Mikey also counts Pints & Pies among his favorite events and, overall, thinks the Commons is “a positive environment for the city.” He also stresses that his company is “flattered to be paired next to Jeni’s” and that having a location at Columbus Commons is “such good experience, I just hope people are as excited to have us as we are to be here.”

If you haven’t yet checked out Mikey’s Late Night Slice Commons Café, you’re missing out. They have a new signature pie, the Barnyard Breakfast Pizza, made with eggs, cheese, sausage gravy, and bacon, as well as a selection of sandwiches, tater tots, and other delicious snacks. It’s not to be missed!