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Columbus Commons Blog

Highlights Takes to the Commons

For decades, Highlights for Children has been perfecting the art of engaging children in educational content through its magazines and other publications. Its flagship magazine, Highlights, is designed for kids six and up and over one billion copies of it have been printed! In the past few years, Highlights has rolled out two new magazines – High Five for ages two to six and Highlights Hello for infants and toddlers. And knowing just how to please kids and parents alike, Highlights Hello is made out of a drool-proof, washable material that’s bound with stitching, instead of staples, and mailed in an envelope so that it doesn’t pick up germs in the mail.

But Highlights isn’t just a magazine company; it also publishes “Fun with a Purpose” resources for teachers, parents, and kids, some of which can be found in stores across the country. It has even jumped into the world of apps for iPhones and iPads and plans to expand to the Android market soon.

Despite its national reach, Highlights calls itself a “proud Columbus company” and for good reason – the popular magazine for children has been based out of Columbus since 1946 and over the years has donated significantly to the Columbus Metropolitan Library and other local educational institutions. The Library, in fact, is one of the ways that Highlights first began to learn about Columbus Commons. Over the past several years, Highlights employees have also been bringing their children down to the Commons. Between the Library’s support of the Commons and firsthand accounts from team members, Highlights began to think that just maybe there was a way for it to get involved in the different programs offered at the Commons.

When an opportunity popped up for Highlights to join the Columbus Commons team, the company’s employees recognized the potential to share their know-how and products with an audience beyond the classroom and library. This year, Highlights is supporting the Columbus Commons Reading Room and will be giving away thousands of copies of Highlights and High Five magazines throughout the summer. Highlights employees will also be at the Commons in person on select Fridays for Commons for Kids where they’ll share their newest publication, Highlights Hello, and host special crafts for curious tykes.

At Commons for Kids on June 7, Highlights will be teaching kids to make bookmarks to keep track of their summer reading. On July 12, children will have the opportunity to make their own scrapbooks or journals for documenting their summer adventures. And, lastly, on August 2, Highlights will be hosting a picture frame making craft station for all those sweet and goofy back-to-school photos!

Be sure to come on down to the Commons this summer to enjoy the outdoor Reading Room sponsored by Highlights and to take part in the fun and engaging activities at Commons for Kids on Fridays, May 31 through August 30, from 10am to 2pm.