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Columbus Commons Blog

The Salty Caramels Take on Pints & Pies

Molly Winters, of The Salty Caramels, calls her band’s show at Earth Day at Columbus Commons earlier this spring the best concert the band has played since it was re-formed in September 2012. “It was a beautiful day and a great turnout,” Molly goes on to explain. The new Salty Caramels might be described as a little less blue grass and a little more Americana than its predecessor, which had played the Columbus music scene for years. The current band, which includes Paige Stickling, Sarah Overdier, Emily Ng, and Molly, play instruments like the ukulele, saw, kazoo, glockenspiel, xylophone, and washboard, giving it a unique sound.

The fact that Molly and Paige will be gracing the Pints & Pies Happy Hour at the Commons this week is not coincidental. The band jokes that they play at a lot of events involving food (a recent Food Network concert at Tanger Outlet Malls, the Apron Gala at the North Market, Dine Originals events, and the list goes on). Molly even wrote a song for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams that plays when you’re put on hold. Molly and Paige wager a guess that this might be a result of their nostalgic sound, which appeals to a wide audience and tends to have a laid-back, easy-going feel.

On Thursday, though, expect a little deviation from this tried and true sound. Molly’s writing style is more rock and, as Molly puts it, “Paige really likes to rock the drums – so it’ll be a little more intense than some of the more subtle songs we do as a group” and Paige adds, “a little grittier than The Salty Caramels as a whole.” Paige will bring her washboard and drums, and Molly will bring her uke, kazoo, and guitar. And if you’re lucky, you might even witness some dueling whistles.

So where does this unique sound come from? The Salty Caramels hail from Columbus, Michigan, and Alabama. Paige, the newest Ohioan, moved here from Birmingham a little over a year ago and immediately dove into the local music scene, which is where she met Molly. “It made me proud to show off some of these smaller venues, there’s just so many good people in the music scene,” Molly explained about showing Paige around Columbus’ local music haunts. Paige follows up, “Columbus’ music scene reminds me a lot of Birmingham’s, so it felt like a little bit of home here.” For Molly, though, it’s always been home. Born and raised in Columbus, Molly speaks passionately about local music and The Salty Caramels’ role in it. She and her band mates even make work out of seeing other local bands – taking notes on what they like best, especially when it comes to other all-girl bands.

Pressed about a connection to Columbus Commons beyond playing on its stage, Molly confesses she once worked at Max and Erma’s at City Center Mall, which used to stand where Columbus Commons is now. She even dressed up like Max – parading up and down High Street with Erma, recruiting customers and, just generally, putting on a great show!


Don’t miss Molly Winters and Paige Strickling of The Salty Caramels at Pints & Pies Happy Hour this Thursday, May 23 at 5pm.