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Columbus Commons Blog

Food Truck Feature: Pitabilities

Sure, Pitabilities gets its name from the myriad of menu options involving pita bread. That said, its french fries are distracting.  Really distracting.  How can anyone pass up the opportunity to do a load-your-own french fry meal?  Th... more »

Food Truck Feature: Loops

Start with a classic at Loops. Get a gyro where a soft pillowy pita plays host to seasoned meat, crunchy-cold lettuce, tomato and a creamy tzatziki sauce that is positively addictive.   Of course, once you’ve got the classic under you... more »

Food Truck Feature: Mojo Tago

Not taco: tago . . . as in tacos-to-go. Mojo Tago is much more than an ordinary taco-truck, it’s a mobile unit that serves up eats in fresh-made, soft-shell corn tortillas.  Try the house carnitas: slow roasted, succulent shredded pork top... more »

Food Truck Feature: Daredevil Dogs

The Daredevil Dogs food truck is making its way downtown with its legendary hot dog combos. This is not your ordinary wiener scene, you can also do pork or chicken brats, or a locally made veggie dog. Endorsed is the Fire Eater: it’s a combo th... more »

Food Truck Feature: Cupzilla

Cue the Godzilla theme music, something awesome is coming your way: Cupzilla’s Korean BBQ in a cup. Why a cup?  It’s easy eating, perfect for Downtown’s food truck scene.  The truck’s cups feature a magical mixture o... more »

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