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Columbus Commons Blog

Archive for June 2016

Food Truck Feature: Daredevil Dogs

The Daredevil Dogs food truck is making its way downtown with its legendary hot dog combos. This is not your ordinary wiener scene, you can also do pork or chicken brats, or a locally made veggie dog. Endorsed is the Fire Eater: it’s a combo th... more »

Food Truck Feature: Cupzilla

Cue the Godzilla theme music, something awesome is coming your way: Cupzilla’s Korean BBQ in a cup. Why a cup?  It’s easy eating, perfect for Downtown’s food truck scene.  The truck’s cups feature a magical mixture o... more »

Food Truck Feature: Giant Eagle Market District Foodie Truck

Giant Eagle’s Market District is pretty much the Columbus home for a cornucopia of artisanal eats.  They’ve put wheels on all that gourmet goodness, and we’ve got the Market District’s food truck right here at the Columbu... more »

Food Truck Feature: Kinetic

In the mood for something fresh and fantastic that won’t weigh you down? Kinetic’s got you covered. Here’s how it works: you start with a bowl or a wrap, then you choose grains or greens as a base, then a protein, and then some supe... more »

Featured Food Truck: The Cheesy Truck

It’s not controversial: There’s no better vehicle for cheese in all its melty glory than the grilled cheese sandwich . . . and there’s no better vehicle for a grilled cheese sandwich than a food truck that brings it right to Downtow... more »